Thursday, 24 January 2013

When North Korean Soldiers change Headwear...

Here you see the change from informal headwear (left) to alert (centre) to high alert (right)

Reference here:

US women soldiers to go into combat

Pentagon to end ban on women from the USA serving in front-line combat duties.

Article here.

Up to now the following video shows the sort of frontline duties a female US soldier might undertake. This policy shift may change all that.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Irish Guards Parade

Video showing a marchpast (actually a homecoming parade) of the Irish Guards in Newtownards, Northern Ireland.

Of particular note: band uniform, khaki berets and kilts.

More on British Army beret colours here (see United Kingdom/Beret Colours).

For more information on the Irish guards see the official British army website and a comprehensive Wikipedia entry.

New Pistol for British Army: Glock 17, Gen 4

This blog's scope doesn't usually cover weapons but this is an interesting video covering the Glock 17, Gen 4's rollout into the British Army. It also features British marine uniforms and insignia which I thought were useful.